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I'm Bevan. I'm a full-stack web developer specializing in apps with a greater good focus. Check out my portfolio and get in touch if you need an MVP.

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Bevan Barton

Building web apps with meaning.

  • Peepeth is a decentralized social network that encourages mindful communication & effective altruism.
  • KnowYourself promotes self-awareness by inferring personality characteristics from social media posts.
  • Bountify is a crowdsourcing platform that saves software developers time and money.
  • Disciplined keeps you on track with your #1 goal with a suite of productivity tools.
  • Basho injects beauty, wonder, and absurdity into the web by detecting accidental haiku on Twitter.

Those are just a few of the apps I've built. I've also created apps for Google, Nintendo, Nike, Amazon, and others.

Want me to bring your idea to life?