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I'm Bevan. I build ground-breaking web apps for companies and solopreneurs. As a founder myself, I understand the big picture of product strategy, marketing tactics, and usability best practices. I’ll help you ideate, build, and launch a web application that your users will talk about.

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Bevan Barton
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Social media is toxic and controlled by monopolies. Enter Peepeth, a decentralized social network that encourages mindful discourse & effective altruism.
Peepeth looks like Twitter. However, this Ruby on Rails app's back-end is decentralized (IPFS+Ethereum). Plus, many features are added to encourage mindful discourse.
United States Congressman Tom Emmer trying out Peepeth.
Peepeth pioneered an innovative signing mechanism that allows users to save data to the blockchain for free (while retaining proof of authorship).
Tweet from the founder of Ethereum.
Peepeth users can buy a Mosquito badge (which gets displayed on their avatar picture) by donating at least $25 to the Against Malaria Foundation (one of GiveWell's top-rated charities). Together, we've created thousands of QALYs (quality adjusted life-years) by donating to one of the world's most effective charities.
Peepeth hosted #buidl_bali, a Web3-themed retreat in Bali, Indonesia, for 10 days. (A few of us wanted to remain anonymous, hence the masks!)
Peepeth users are asked to include a "#politics" hashtag with political content, which hides content behind an interstitial.
Peepeth uses a machine learning model to detect content that may violate the terms of service, and asks users to confirm that their post (a "peep") meets the terms of service.


Best Social Network / Marketplace

@ Mainframe dApp Awards, DevCon3
See what your social media posts reveal about your personality. KnowYourself promotes self-awareness by inferring personality characteristics from social media posts.
Displays 100+ inferred psychological traits (see live example).
See how others view you based on your Big Five scores.
See which public profiles you match most closely with.
Based on research from leading institutions.
Admins can compile reports that compare anyone.
Generates a word cloud with the user's most used words.
Disciplined AF
Achieve your "someday" goal in one year. Disciplined.AF helps you pick a 1-year goal, and keeps it top-of-mind with a browser extension and productivity tools.
See your dashboard in every new browser.
See how you're trending. Graphs your daily progress ratings.
Track your habits and build multi-day streaks.
(scroll down)
Focus sessions (Pomodoro timer) lets you do deep work towards your most important tasks.
Bountify is a crowdsourcing platform that saves software developers time and money. Simply post a coding question and solution providers will compete to provide the first solution.
Post your coding problem along with a bounty ($1-100) and select the first correct solution. Unanswered bounties go to the Against Malaria Foundation.
A bounty that has been successfully solved.
Basho detects accidental haiku (5-7-5 poetry) on Twitter.
Find accidental haiku (5-7-5 poems) in your Twitter feed.
A funny poem.

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