What you'll get

Your first users - Extensible code - Custom analytics - My advice

What will you get after two weeks?

Your app, live

I'll write your MVP using Ruby on Rails (back-end framework) and jQuery (front-end Javascript library). Your app will be deployed to Heroku (platform as a service- easily scalable web hosting) at a domain of your choice. Your app will be ready to receive users and to gather data on their app usage. You will be able to monitor analytics and metrics from a secure admin page built into the the app itself (yourdomain.com/admin).

I'll hand over the code to you via a secure online code repository (or zip file) and transfer ownership of the Heroku app. I'll also hand over the various service accounts required to run your app if they are not already under your control.

I'll walk you through the process of setting up the various service accounts necessary (Heroku, etc...). You do not need to understand code, and you do not need to run anything on the command line. You will interact with your app through the admin interface I build for you.

Your first users

I'll help you launch on Betalist.com, a service for showcasing apps in private beta. It's a great way to get your first users, and many apps can expect between 50 and 500 email signups.

Betalist requires you to disable public signups and to have a landing page for collecting email addresses. Those pre-users can then be directed to a private signup page so that they can sign up immediately. I can build those features into your app.

It’s free to have your app listed on Betalist, but you’ll probably want to spend $130 or so for the express service, which gets your app listed within a few days. Otherwise, the free service takes several weeks or more. I’m not affiliated with Betalist; it’s simply a good way to get early users and press that I’ve used successfully.

Quality, extensible code

Code quality matters. I’ll build a well-documented application using Ruby on Rails (back-end framework), PostgreSQL (database), and jQuery (front-end Javascript library). These battle-tested technologies are understood by a wide range of developers. It will be relatively easy for you to find other developers to iterate on the codebase if I am not available.

Other developers can code in outdated or obscure languages, or can write incomprehensible code. Iterating on a cryptic codebase will delay your app’s growth and cost you money. If you plan to grow your MVP, it helps to start with a well-documented app written using current technologies. That is what I will provide.

Custom analytics

MVPs are all about gathering data and learning. I’ll build in custom analytics so you can see a timeline view of every action each user is taking on your site. This will give you a more complete view of how your users are engaging with your MVP, and will give you useful data to iterate on. This is a critical component of the lean startup methodology that many other developers will not offer by default.

Google Analytics is great for seeing aggregate statistics, and we’ll add it in to your app as well.

Admin dashboard

You'll need a way to easily track your actionable metrics and perform certain administrative actions (deleting posts, blocking users, etc...). I'll first ask you what those metrics and actions are (and advise you on selecting them), and then build an admin dashboard for you to track those metrics and perform those actions.

My advice

I have a good amount of experience launching my own and others' products. I'll give you feedback on your designs and point you towards best practices.

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