Business-ready MVPs in 2 weeks for $7k.

Have a design? I will build a prototype of your web app, engineered for rapid learning and extensibility.
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I'm Bevan. As a veteran developer and entrepreneur, my goal is not only to build your MVP, but also to help you launch a successful business. Your MVP will be engineered to efficiently recruit users, validate your assumptions, and iterate.

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Bevan Barton
I will build your MVP from an entrepreneur's perspective.

Having launched dozens of my own products, I understand the importance of moving quickly, gathering meaningful data, and having a focused feature set. Unfortunately, agencies and other freelancers rarely share those priorities, and their goals are often not aligned with yours. I'll help you build a business- not just a website- by building hard-won lessons into your MVP:

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Who is this service for?
  • You have an idea for a web app. Maybe you're applying to an incubator or are starting a side business.
  • You want a quality MVP that you can put in front of users, gather data with, and iterate on.
  • You've validated some of your assumptions.
  • You can provide a wireframe or full design of your MVP.
What can I build in two weeks?
  • The core features of sites like Airbnb, Yelp, Pinterest, etc...
  • Niche social networks, blogging platforms, productivity apps.
  • I've built all kinds of apps in short timeframes, so just ask.

We can’t get too fancy in 14 days but we can get a solid prototype of your idea to put in front of users. Tell me about your vision and I’ll tell you if I can build it.

This is for web applications only (i.e. no mobile apps) but there’ll be a version for mobile browsers if you include those wireframes.

Why are the timeline and price fixed?

Feature creep and cost overruns are major risks for startups. Those risks are amplified by traditional pricing models (open-ended, per-hour rates), which create perverse incentives for developers.

This offer's fixed price and timeline are creative constraints. They limit your risk and force the product to be focused. This non-traditional offer may raise the eyebrows product managers, because typical software projects vary widely in scope. In the case of MVPs, however, it's useful to purposefully constrain the scope.

It's true that software completion times are notoriously hard to predict. However, I absorb the risk of charging a fixed price because I may have to work long hours to complete your product, but you are guaranteed to get what you specified.

There's no cost to finding out if I can build your MVP, so drop me a line today!

About me

My name is Bevan Barton. I’m a full-stack developer and have been building web apps since 2008. I’ve done consulting for big brands (Google, Nintendo, Nike, Amazon, and others) but my real passion is bringing new business ideas to life. I’ve launched dozens of my own products over the years, including profitable ones such as Bountify (the leading platform for crowdsourcing coding tasks), Focal Point (a goal and productivity app), and a bitcoin gaming site.

Rarely have startup experience.
May not understand lean startup principles & aren't incentivized to implement them.
Generally don't specialize in MVPs, so they would take longer to build the many extra features I'll add by default.
Open-ended, per-hour pricing model creates perverse incentives.
Often juggle many simultaneous projects.
May code in outdated or obscure languages.
Cultural and language barriers.
Can be cheaper.
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Lots of experience launching my own products.
I specialize in MVPs and can efficiently build key features (custom analytics, launch infrastructure, admin interface, extensible codebase).
I understand lean startup principles, will guide your towards best practices, and will build my experience into your MVP.
Fast & focused because I work on one project at a time.
The fixed rate combats cost overruns & feature creep, and aligns our interests.
Order of magnitude less expensive than agencies for a better product.
You're responsible for design (produce a detailed wireframe or full design).
Expensive ($40k+).
Employees often lack startup experience.
Unclear who's building your MVP (interns?).
Often subcontract out your project to people like me (they are my clients).
May use tools like Bubble that cannot be extended beyond the MVP stage.
Pricing model may incentivize them to upsell or to take a long time.
Many simultaneous projects -> takes much longer.
Will produce a design of your MVP as well.

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